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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Zero-Waste Brownie Points!

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Now, more than ever, you need to adapt to natural products that cannot impact mother nature. In this twinkling festive season, you should consider to give your loved ones a zero-waste Christmas gift as a sign of appreciation for their support to you and also as a means to protect our environment.

Unsure what kind of gifts to give? The team at mylilEarth have come up with their top 5 zero-waste Christmas Gift ideas for you to choose from that can also reduce carbon emissions. 

5 Zero-Waste Gift Ideas

1. Collapsible Straw and Foldable Spork Kit:

Every day, Americans go through 500 million straws- a number that, end-to-end could circle the planet 2.5 times!  That’s why this nifty gift is number 1 on this list. You can do your part by simply carrying your own plastic free straws and cutlery.

This straw and foldable spork kit would make a great gift this Christmas, we all have that one friend who always forgets to bring their own cutlery and by gifting this conveniently foldable kit they will rest assure you won’t nag them again.  

Trust us, this will be the last straw you'll ever need!



2. Your Eco Clean Kit:

You can see where we are going with this, right ? You already know the great benefits of carrying your own plastic free straws and cutlery. Now you’ll love this kit, your zero-waste journey can begin at home. Therefore, we have put together this convenient box with all your cleaning essentials. 
On average Americans spend around 25 billion dollars per year on cleaning products and most of these products we buy are made from plastic and other toxic chemicals. Once you’re done eating your delicious Christmas dinner use our cleaning essentials to remove the wine stains from the carpet. This kit is a step closer to your zero-waste goals or for someone else, share the love…gift it to that one person who is obsessed with cleaning.



3. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads:

The results are in. Our makeup remover pads are suitable for your skin and good for the planet. They will remove the hardest makeup stains. These eco-friendly makeup remover pads are designed to have a low environmental impact to help boost ethical consumption. They are manufactured with a careful balance between materials and sources. The packaging box of these pads is made from 100% recyclable bamboo.

Suppose you are confused by the current deluge of disposable makeup pads. In that case, these are the ideal alternatives that you can use up to 100 times. You only need to clean them thoroughly after using them, and they always come out soft and clean. This makes them a cost-effective, zero-waste alternative for a Christmas gift.



4 . Double-layer plastic-free sponges (3 pack):

Here is an irresistible Christmas gift you need to surprise your loved ones. It is made out of a double-layer loofah that expands and softens when in direct contact with water to give you a thorough cleaning experience for your dishwashing and household cleaning chores. Don't fall for second-rate and toxic sponges, which are made of foam and plastic, when you can opt for our 100% biodegradable loofah dish sponge.

A rewarding showering experience awaits all those who use our incredible sponge for body cleaning. People who will use the plastic-free sponge from our Christmas collection will be like, "WOOOOHUUUU. I am loving general cleaning more than ever. Unbelievable but true!" 

5. Natural Beard Oils:

Never again will you have to suffer from beard itch, split ends, and dandruff with this beard oil that has sealed-in freshness in a glass bottle. It is true-to-life and is made with premium oils and fresh scent essential oils with no water or any preservative. It has a good scent that will please the person you give it to on Christmas Day.
All our beard oils are a complete package with 100% all-natural ingredients and are locally sourced, so you know you can end 2020 on a good note by reducing your carbon footprint.



And there is more…

Check out our full Christmas collection today and let us help you make this Christmas sustainable. If you haven’t done so, make sure to read our post on zero-waste decorations for your perfect Christmas. 

Above, we’ve given you some sound advice, not only on some fantastic mylilEarth products, but also some tips to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win for everyone! So, give your loved ones a zero-waste Christmas gift from mylilEarth this holiday season.

Do something drastic – cut the plastic! There is NO Planet B. ;-)


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