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Welcome to mylilEarth: Sustainable, Natural, Plastic-Free

Imagine a world free from single-use plastics and unnatural products. That's the world we are trying to create at mylilEarth. The thought alone feels lighter, doesn't it?

Conscious consumerism is more than a trend; it's a shift in mindset. Millennials and younger generations are realizing that what they purchase matters. Let's say that again: what you purchase is a reflection of your beliefs.

We are striving to raise the consciousness of consumer-buying; that’s why mylilEarth has been focused on mindful shopping, plastic-free products, ethical consumerism, and sustainability since the beginning.

 What is mylilEarth?

mylilEarth is all about informing people about the damaging effects one's carbon footprint has on our planet. We place a huge emphasis on natural, plastic alternative products for both personal care and home essentials. So, you can take care of your body and home, knowing the products you use are lessening your carbon footprint.

Our mission is to inspire you to use the most natural products without impacting our Earth. We can eliminate the use of plastics in our everyday lives or at least cut back on unnecessary plastic waste. mylilEarth provides affordable & sustainable plastic-free alternative products that are natural and (here’s the show-stopper) good for you too!

Shocking Facts About Earth's Environmental Degradation

It is easy to say the Earth is in danger without having the facts & stats to prove it. However, we prefer knowledge and data over blind beliefs.

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Earth is constantly changing (no offense to any rocket scientists reading this). But knowing the how, where, when, and why of the matter only makes the point more apparent. In simple terms, the more you know!

Are you ready to hear the unthinkable? These shocking facts about Earth's environmental degradation might turn you into a treehugger instantly.

  • Americans dump approximately 16 tons of sewage into clean water resources per minute.
  • 300 million tons of plastic is produced yearly, and approximately 50% is single-use.
  • Plastics make up 60-90% of marine debris that has been studied.
  • A single plastic water bottle can take 450+ years to decompose in a landfill.
  • As of 2018, only about 2% of domestic plastics are properly recycled in the USA.

 Makes you want to give a tree a hug, doesn’t it? As treehuggers ourselves, welcome to the side of the sustainable & mindful. It feels good to take care of the planet, right?

 Let's Create a Sustainable Christmas

The holiday season is upon us. Just thinking about all the wrapping paper, leftover food, and piles of plastic thrown away is enough to cringe over.

Christmas can- and should- be a time to limit consumption instead of increasing it. We often feel pressure during the holidays to over-consume items and food, but why? Doesn't it do more harm than good, especially to our planet?

We challenge you to create a sustainable Christmas this year. What small step will you take this holiday season to change your life (and the Earth) for the better?

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for future sustainability-focused Christmas blog posts! You won't want to miss what we have in store. 



  • Lucy @mylilEarth

    Yes, I agree, the statistics for how much waste actually gets recycled is astonishing. We should definitely work towards avoiding plastics, That’s why here at mylilEarth we are committed to doing our best to provide alternatives to plastics. Thank you very much for your support!

  • Holly Prievo

    I’m so glad you brought up the recycling numbers. Everyone thinks because something is recyclable, it’s good. But the recycling statistics are shocking. And recycling processes require a lot of energy. So, shouldn’t we find solutions that avoid plastic altogether? Glad to see your commitment to sustainability!

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