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Top 5 Sustainable Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter means chilly air, frosty snow, and lots of blankets. However, it also means winter blues and a phenomenon called seasonal affective disorder. About 5% of Americans experience this form of seasonal depression each year, and somewhere around 10-20% of Americans experience a milder form of it.

Areas of the world that receive fewer hours of daylight are more prone to seasonal affective disorder. This makes sense because the cause of winter blues is a lack of natural sunlight. Low light equals a drop in serotonin and an increase in melatonin production.

However, it is possible to fight off those winter blues, and you can even do it in a sustainable manner. Let’s find out.

Beat the Winter Blues- Sustainably

We truly appreciate the winter months at mylilEarth, but winter blues are a real struggle. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) can be treated with light therapy, but simple practices that target one’s overall well-being will help too.

1. Go Out In Nature

Feeling cooped up in the house all day (and night) is sure to aggravate those winter blues. So, take a quick walk around your neighborhood to get fresh air. Maybe even go for a hike or spend the whole day outdoors for some much-needed vitamin D.

Pack yourself a healthy lunch or snack to eat while enjoying the wintry beauty of your surrounding landscape. Instead of plastic cutlery, opt for a foldable spork and spoon travel set to enjoy your meal a little more sustainably. (P.S. It comes with a travel pouch too.)

2. Eat an Organic, Mood-Boosting Diet

A great sustainable way to beat the winter blues (SAD) is through your diet. Eating an organic, healthy, rich diet full of vitamins and essential amino acids will contribute to a happier you.

We love foods like salmon, bananas, nuts, and eggs because they contain tryptophan. This specific amino acid is seriously helpful for producing serotonin.

3. Wear a Colorful Wardrobe

Did you know that the colors you wear can affect your mood? Color is created based on certain frequencies of light, and our brain picks up on those frequencies. So, clothes that are colorful, bright, and “feel” uplifting just by looking at them are actually tied to happiness.

Needless to say, clothing with warm colors should be your go-to closet-grabs this winter season. For a sustainable edge, repurpose your old clothes or take a trip to your local thrift store.

4. Reinvent How You Pamper Yourself

Have you been treating yourself right this winter? Have you been following a self-care beauty regimen or skipping out on at-home spa nights? Nothing beats SAD than a night well-spent pampering yourself and feeling luxurious.

Shower Smoothies are a fun, creative, sustainable way to pamper yourself this winter. Grab your favorite scent, pop the fizzy in its loofah bag, and let warm water do the work while you cleanse your skin. You’ll feel silky smooth when you step out of the shower.

5. Try Indoor Gardening

Plants are living, breathing creations of nature. Even if you feel like you don’t have a green thumb, try indoor gardening. Some plants are uber hard to kill (Pothos and snake plants are two), so start there.
Having a plant in your home will infuse life into your space. Plants are also excellent for purifying the air and sending out clean oxygen in return.

Winter Won’t Last Forever

Remember, winter only lasts for a few short months.

Do what you can (sustainably) to lift your spirits until spring blossoms again.

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