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The Holidays and Waste: Enjoying the Season Sustainably

This year more than ever we saw the importance of making sustainable choices. As the year comes to an end we want to wish you all  happy holidays and hopefully, you will continue to choose sustainably in the new year.
This year was a rough year for many of us. 2020 came with a pandemic, but through it all, your support never wavered for choosing sustainable personal care and home essential items. 

We’ve put together these clever tips that you can follow straightway to help you to enjoy a sustainable holiday season.

Food Waste during the Festive Season- Yes, we all know about food waste in general and how much it contributes to the environment. But mylilEarth is all about support and we love to share tips just to make your journey along the zero-waste path a little easier. Christmas is a time for giving. Sadly, this is downplayed. As the saying goes ‘it is not to be done but do it anyway’. During the festive season, an estimated 4.2 million Christmas dinners are scraped into the trash. Instead of scraping leftovers down the drain, try packaging it and dropping it off at a homeless shelter.

Food Packaging - During the festive season, more food is bought. As a consumer, you can ensure that the food you purchase during this time is packaged sustainably.
Cards - Christmas cards are bought and given to loved ones and people who truly mean something to you. This is an amazing thing to do for the people you care about. However, it can be done more sustainably. Consider using digital cards instead.
Choose Reusables - Choose food packaging and serving ware that can be reused by cleaning them, even better you can repurpose as home decor. 
‘Re’ everything – Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle…
Resist Disposables - If you have guests for Christmas, you may be tempted to go with disposables to make clean up easier. This would be the perfect time show-off your beautiful China that you have kept hidden away.
Scratch-made is Best - Make snacks and treats from scratch as well as dessert and pastry. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest that you can follow if you don't have the experience in the kitchen. Cooking and baking from scratch create a lot less waste.
Make it Digital - Inviting guests for Christmas dinner? Send invitations by email.
Compost - If you find yourself having leftover food that is not fit for giving away, you can compost it. Compost is a valuable plant food.
While you enjoy the festivities of the holidays, please remember those who need a meal and remember the environment that we all depend on to stay alive.  
 With your continuous support, we were able to bring you sustainable items such as personal care items. This support means the world to us here at mylilEarth. Thank you!
Continue supporting us in 2021 and stay tuned because we have great things coming your way. We are always looking to do things differently and open to hearing your ideas and you can do that by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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