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New Year to Rethink, Rejuvenate and Restart

 What are your Greensolutions for the New Year?

 Welcome, 2021! Aren’t we happy to see you?  

After a bumpy 2020, you will be either feeling exhausted or relieved to see 2020 in the rear mirror. Either way, let’s take this opportunity to rethink, rejuvenate and restart. However, before we wipe the slate clean and move on. I would like to share some of the highlights from mylilEarth. 


1.  4th March 2020 - A special date to remember. 

You may have thought mylilEarth has been around forever, but we appreciate the comfort you get from using our naturally and locally sourced products. 

Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal, thanks to the support and love from our readers and customers we were able to launch, maybe the take-off was a little turbulent, nevertheless, we took off! 


2. You told us that locally sourced products are important to you.

Like most things in life you learn and pick up new things as you go on, mylilEarth is very fortunate to have people like you commenting and sending emails with questions and suggestions. We would love to hear more about what you think about what we do. Drop us a message here! 

We have pledged to ensure all our products and suppliers are locally sourced. We believe in supporting small suppliers and businesses as much as you do. We’ll continue to make our product descriptions transparent so that it’s easier for you to make environmentally conscious choices.

3. Our first Christmas…was hopeful.

We weren’t entirely sure how our first holiday season would plan out, especially with you know what hovering around us. Remarkably, it was our busiest month and we hope you enjoyed using our products. We felt the love and so did the local suppliers.  

The holiday season might be over but be sure to check out our tips on sustainable gift ideas for someone special or self-treats. Hey, treating yourself should not be exclusively for special occasions. 

mylilEarth’s 2021 Greensolutions

 2020 was a terrific start for mylilEarth, more exciting milestones are yet to be made in 2021. From here on, let’s keep working on following our instincts because there won’t always be a clear path ahead. 

We are dedicated to bringing you plastic-free products that are locally sourced to reduce our carbon emissions and along the way preserving the only home we have.


We love what we do which is to inspire others with their journey to zero-waste living. If you enjoyed reading this, share and support us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  
From your friends here at mylilEarth, have a greener, cleaner and healthier New Year. 

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