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Channeling Your Inner Santa or Grinch Sustainably

Christmas is a time of excitement, fun, and joy. It is a time when you adorn the house in “pretty little things.” It brings much cheer to a lot of people to see decorations evoke such happy thoughts and feelings.
Christmas decorations trigger the love hormone (oxytocin release), the same hormone we release when we cuddle.            

Choosing the right Christmas decorations can completely transform a space to reflect the personality and value of the household that it’s a part of. Some households try to squeeze the value out of expensive decorations by decorating as early as November and removing them in January. Christmas decorations can be used to channel your inner Grinch or your inner Santa Claus. You can turn your house into Santa's headquarters in the North pole outfitted with a sleigh and all. The possibilities are endless with Christmas decor.

While you are having fun and spreading Christmas cheer and joy, please remember our environment.

Ultimately, the faux garlands, custom wrappers, and defective lights live far longer in the environment than they will ever do in millions of homes across the world. In 2016, we threw away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper, bought around eight million fake Christmas trees, and bought over 5 million real Christmas trees.

Developing an awareness of this impact is sobering but it doesn’t stifle the joy of experiencing Christmas in a sustainable way. As a matter of fact, new traditions can be created around developing eco-friendly decorations and supporting your local environmentally friendly options.

Consider these amazing zero-waste decorations for your perfect Christmas. 

1. Buy Sustainable Christmas Decorations Locally

One of the first things to consider is purchasing local eco-friendly decorations to reduce carbon emissions. This is a great way to do your part in ensuring to reduce your waste.  You could swap tinsel out for one of our handcrafted ornaments. 

2. Rent a Christmas Tree

At this point in planet Earth’s history, we can all agree that trees are very important to our future. So, what’s better than cutting down a tree? Renting a live tree from a Christmas tree farm, returning it in January, and then renting the tree every year until it’s old enough to be planted into a forest.

If you already have a traditional tree, fake or real, there’s enough time to put your name on the environment’s ‘nice’ list.

3. Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Disposal

The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a Christmas tree is to complete the natural life cycle. This means turning the tree into mulch. Burning the tree instead of mulching it will only release the carbon trapped in the wood and emit it back into the atmosphere. This defeats the whole purpose of buying a natural tree that could have been recycled and utilized in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you have a faux tree, the best thing to do is treat it well and maximize its usage.

4. Sustainable Presents and Gifts

Make a commitment to using such things as using our stockings instead of wrapping your presents. If you are buying electronic toys, be sure they are chargeable. mylilEarth offers a number of natural products that will help you to enjoy the holidays in a sustainable manner.

In a world that is moving increasingly towards environmental sustainability, there are many options to reduce the detrimental environmental impact of these purchases.

Want more helpful tips and ideas? 

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Whether you are Santa or the Grinch, do your thing sustainably. It has never been easier to do Christmas sustainably, mylilEarth makes it easy. Same gifts and decor, only now, you’re saving the environment by shopping consciously.

The more you shop with mylilEarth the more you save the environment, isn’t that something!


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