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New Year to Rethink, Rejuvenate and Restart

 What are your Greensolutions for the New Year?  Welcome, 2021! Aren’t we happy to see you?   After a bumpy 2020, you will be either feeling exhausted or relieved to see 2020 in the rear mirror. Either way, let’s take this opportunity to rethink, rejuvenate and restart. However, before we wipe the slate clean and move on. I would like to share some of the highlights from mylilEarth.    1.  4th March 2020 - A special date to remember.  You may have thought mylilEarth has been around forever, but we appreciate the comfort you get from using our naturally and locally sourced products.  Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal, thanks to the support and love from our readers...

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The Holidays and Waste: Enjoying the Season Sustainably

This year more than ever we saw the importance of making sustainable choices. As the year comes to an end we want to wish you all  happy holidays and hopefully, you will continue to choose sustainably in the new year. This year was a rough year for many of us. 2020 came with a pandemic, but through it all, your support never wavered for choosing sustainable personal care and home essential items.    We’ve put together these clever tips that you can follow straightway to help you to enjoy a sustainable holiday season. Food Waste during the Festive Season- Yes, we all know about food waste in general and how much it contributes to the environment. But mylilEarth is all about support...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Zero-Waste Brownie Points!

Now, more than ever, you need to adapt to natural products that cannot impact mother nature. In this twinkling festive season, you should consider to give your loved ones a zero-waste Christmas gift as a sign of appreciation for their support to you and also as a means to protect our environment. Unsure what kind of gifts to give? The team at mylilEarth have come up with their top 5 zero-waste Christmas Gift ideas for you to choose from that can also reduce carbon emissions.  5 Zero-Waste Gift Ideas 1. Collapsible Straw and Foldable Spork Kit: Every day, Americans go through 500 million straws- a number that, end-to-end could circle the planet 2.5 times!  That’s why this nifty gift is number 1...

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Channeling Your Inner Santa or Grinch Sustainably

Christmas is a time of excitement, fun, and joy. It is a time when you adorn the house in “pretty little things.” It brings much cheer to a lot of people to see decorations evoke such happy thoughts and feelings. Christmas decorations trigger the love hormone (oxytocin release), the same hormone we release when we cuddle.             Choosing the right Christmas decorations can completely transform a space to reflect the personality and value of the household that it’s a part of. Some households try to squeeze the value out of expensive decorations by decorating as early as November and removing them in January. Christmas decorations can be used to channel your inner Grinch or your inner...

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Welcome to mylilEarth: Sustainable, Natural, Plastic-Free

Imagine a world free from single-use plastics and unnatural products. That's the world we are trying to create at mylilEarth. The thought alone feels lighter, doesn't it? Conscious consumerism is more than a trend; it's a shift in mindset. Millennials and younger generations are realizing that what they purchase matters. Let's say that again: what you purchase is a reflection of your beliefs. We are striving to raise the consciousness of consumer-buying; that’s why mylilEarth has been focused on mindful shopping, plastic-free products, ethical consumerism, and sustainability since the beginning.  What is mylilEarth? mylilEarth is all about informing people about the damaging effects one's carbon footprint has on our planet. We place a huge emphasis on natural, plastic alternative products...

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